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Zbigniew Brzezinski: Shoot the Israeli Jets Out of the Sky

No, not without cause. But if Israel flies over Iraq to destroy Iranian nuclear installations ... precz z Z'hydani.

Poor Zbig! The only publication that seems to be interested in his views on anything is The Daily Beast. But not a single print publication carried it, save for Ha'aretz and two Jewish outlets, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency plus Yid With Lid. Plus the canny television journalist, Jack Tapper, on ABC.

I've known Zbig, sort of, for roughly 45 years. But we were never really friends. You see, my Ph.D. adviser and pal, the revered scholar on Communism Adam Ulam, told me more than I ever wanted to know about Bzrezinski, and I suppose he had my number, too. Zbig has also had a life-time competition with Dr. K. It has been settled long ago. Whenever Kissinger writes or says something it gets plenty of attention. Virtually any book on him is a best-seller. How do you think Niall Ferguson's on Henry will do? I can almost guarantee that it will be a smash. I suppose someone has done a book on Zbig.

Zbig was born in Poland to a family of the lesser aristocracy. His father was a diplomat, posted first to Nazi Germany and then to Stalin's purge era Soviet Union. Poland was a deeply anti-semitic country. So were the countries where the Brzezinski son spent his youth.