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Palin Talks Economics in Hong Kong. Really.

Let me start by saying that if you write a blog about finance and economics, then newspaper headlines don't really get much better than, "Palin Addresses Asian Investors," which, as luck would have it, appears on the Wall Street Journal site today.

Judging from the piece, Palin's speech was basically a lot of granular investment advice--as you'd expect: 

"We got into this mess because of government interference in the first place," the former Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate said Wednesday at a conference sponsored by investment firm CLSA Asia Pacific Markets. "We're not interested in government fixes, we're interested in freedom," she added. ...

In an echo of last year's presidential campaign, she criticized government policies that result in what she called a redistribution of wealth. "There is no justice in taking from one person and giving to another," she said. "History shows it simply does not work." ...

She called for tax cuts as well as the elimination of the capital gains and estate tax. Then, she said, the world will "watch the U.S. economy roar back to life."

I guess I had two favorite parts:

1.) Palin on liberalism: "'Liberalism holds that there is no human problem that government can't fix if only the right people are put in charge,' she said." Sounds like the former governor isn't quite over the bitter resentment of elites that's pretty much defined her adult life.

2.) Palin on the Alaska-Asia connection: "She also spoke about how Alaska once shared a land bridge with Asia. And she noted that her husband's Eskimo ancestors crossed that bridge. 'To consider that connection that allowed sharing of peoples and bloodlines and wildlife and flora and fauna, that connection to me is quite fascinating,' she said." Say what you will about the woman, but she genuinely loves bridges. (Albeit not the kind that are super helpful in getting people from point A to point B these days.)