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Making the Right Enemies

From a Richmond Times-Dispatch article on the controversy over a local strip club owner's decision to hang one of those Obama-as-the-joker banners on the side of his building:

Moore's club is awaiting a Nov. 9-10 state Alcoholic Beverage Control hearing on alleged violations. Last year, Moore was convicted of three misdemeanor charges related to having sex with a minor and another female at his apartment above the club, and filming it illegally.

The Virginia NAACP is protesting against Moore, with the chapter's executive director charging that Moore hung the sign "because the president has African blood."  I think Ta-Nehisi Coates did an eloquent job of exposing the folly of such arguments.  But, more to the point, is it really such a bad thing for pro-Obama people in Richmond if one of the president's most prominent opponents there is a strip club owner with a wrap sheet that includes having sex with a minor?