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Signs the Recession Is Over

... at least for some people. From  my inbox:

I thought you would be interested in learning about Flatrate Moving’s ELITE moving service, the industry’s first “luxury move”. The average moves for Elite moving range from $10,000 to $30,000, and often are 6 figures plus.

This isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen. A personal Elite Liaison handles everything from planning and logistics, to packing, unpacking and setup, to managing and protecting your Art, Antiques, Wine Collection, Pianos and more.  Imagine leaving your house at 8 am to go to work, and returning to your new home that evening with everything right where you want it…exactly as it was in the old house.

To paint a picture, let’s say you have three papers to the left of your paperweight on an antique mahogany desk in the study. The movers would pack, ship and unpack the study just the way you left it – if you so desire, to ensure everything is the way you originally intended. ... In addition, FlatRate can offer tips and trick regarding how to pack valuable art, cigars, wine collections, antiques, etc.

No evidence, alas, that they can offer tips and tricks on acquiring said commodities in the first place.