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Apple Unplugs Itself From Chamber of Commerce

We can now add Apple to the list of companies bidding the Chamber of Commerce farewell over the group's obstruction on climate policy. This is the Chamber's highest-profile defection to date, and one that's guaranteed to keep the story percolating in the news a bit longer. (For those keeping a tally, we've now seen Apple and three electric utilities—PG&E, Exelon, and PNM—quit the Chamber; Nike has resigned from the Chamber's board but is so far staying with the organization; while Johnson & Johnson and GE have criticized the Chamber's climate stance, but haven't left yet.)

Safe to say that the lines in the corporate divide over greenhouse-gas regulation are sharpening. Apple's announcement coincides with the news that some 140 companies, including Dow Chemical, Enetergy, and Starbucks are kicking off a lobbying blitz on the Hill, meeting with swing-vote Democrats and pushing for passage of the Senate climate bill.

(Flickr photo credit: -nathan)