Playoff season is here! Today, TNR celebrates America‚Äôs pastime with a selection of our best baseball pieces from the archives.

"Who's on first?" by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, September 1, 2003. How statistics geeks revolutionized baseball.

"Yankee, Stay Home," by David Greenberg, October 30, 1995. Saving urban baseball from George Steinbrenner.

"Field of Kitsch," by Nicholas Dawidoff, August 17, 1993. Is nostalgia wrecking baseball?

"Another Good Season," by Eugene McCarthy, April 22, 1978. The 1968 presidential candidate's ode to the sport.

"Baseball on Trial," by Hugh S. Fullerton, October 20, 1920. Does baseball corruption know no bounds? The White Sox players who took a dive at the World Series.