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Wanted: GOP Leaders

It's amusing enough that when the RNC launched its "avant garde, technically" web site this morning the link for "Future Leaders" led to a blank page. More amusing still is that now that they've fixed it, the page has this to offer:

Who are the future leaders of the Republican Party?

You are - you, the people who make America work. We built for you because we recognize you want a place to express yourself where our elected leaders —the people you elected to do your business in Washington DC—can hear, respond and interact with you directly.... is going to profile future leaders, sometimes elected leaders, often people who simply lead by doing, by partnering, mentoring or getting involved in their communities.

But … on this page, the first step is actually up to you.

In related news, Chairman Michael Steele has a blog on the site. It's entitled, I kid you not, "What up?", which is possibly the most painful attempt to sound hip I can imagine short of "What up, dog?" It's certain to be an early morning stop for any blogger looking for material. I'd link to it but, in its avant garde way, the site is down.