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Homestate Pride Revisited

The Tennessee political pundit who periodically dings me with news from the Volunteer State dropped this jewel into my inbox yesterday about a new MTSU poll (that's Middle Tennessee State University) examining the prevalence of various anti-Obama rumors making the rounds.

The birther movement is still going strong, with just over 1 in 3 Tennesseans saying it is "either probably or definitely true that Obama was born in another country." Among Republicans, this number jumps to 47 percent.

The Muslim rumor has similarly impressive legs: A full 30 percent of Tennesseans believe Obama is probably or definitely a Muslim. (Make that 48 percent of Republicans.)

Even more pervasive is the socialist slur: Forty-six percent say the president is probably or definitely a socialist--a number that jumps to a whopping 71 percent among Republicans. (Although, to be fair, a lot of these folks consider anyone to the left of Mark Levin a pinko).

And, finally, the jack-booted-thugs-coming-for-your-firearms rumor is quite popular: Thirty-five percent of Tennesseans--55 percent of Republicans--think Obama will definitely or probably try to take away their guns.

Whoo-whee. Looking at these numbers, all I can say is these folks are damn lucky that gullibility and paranoia aren't, in fact, disqualifications for gun ownership.