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Daily Treatment, Advice Columnist Edition

Matthew Yglesias thinks the health care industry should shut up and take what the Democrats are offering, because they'll never get a better deal. I'm not sure he really has their best interests at heart, but he's almost certainly right.

Peter Orszag thinks you should exercise more and eat right--and shows you how it's done.

Ezra Klein thinks liberals should learn the difference between holding a seat in the Senate and getting that senator's vote.

Igor Volsky thinks Susan Collins should make up her mind about what she really wants out of legislation. Now, if only a few other senators heeded that advice as well....

Bill Frist thinks people on the "extreme" should stop screaming about socialized medicine. He means people in his own party, although he doesn't say it. But that's ok. The message comes through. And he even says some sensible things about British health care.

Bob Greenstein thinks the Senate should improve the Finance Committee bill. The editors of the New Republic agree, by the way. But you can read about that in next week's print edition.