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Pop TV Convergence of the Year

One of the reasons I've been rooting hard for the success of the Fox show "Glee" (apart from simply loving it to pieces) is my belief that a successful TV musical could open up all kinds of other broadcast possibilities. In particular, I've hoped for a while now that some network exec would have the brains to hire Joss Whedon (of "Buffy," "Angel," and "Firefly" fame) to develop his own musical. He's proven he's more than up to the task with the "Buffy" episode "Once More with Feeling" and the wonderful "Dr. Horrible"; moreover, his current program, "Dollhouse" is fast becoming a thought experiment along the lines of unheard trees falling in forests.

Obviously, then, I was delighted that my master plan (previously unknown to anyone outside my nuclear family) has gotten an unexpected boost from the news that Whedon will be directing an episode of "Glee" later this season. The only way I can envision this being a bad thing is if, in keeping with past form, he takes the opportunity to kill off Emma Pillsbury, history's sweetest guidance counselor.

In related news, any fans of "Dr. Horrible" who haven't placed their hands on a copy of the DVD release should remedy the oversight at their earliest convenience. The commentary track, entitled "Commentary! The Musical," is exactly what it sounds like: a dozen additional original songs related to the show and sung by the cast including, memorably, Nathan Fillion's overdog anthem "Better than Neil." He may even convince you it's true.