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Dept of Unfortunate Metaphors

Doug Wilder tells TPM that if Bob McDonnell becomes governor, "Virginia won't sink into the seas." Probably not, but McDonnell does seem to be a bit confused about global warming.

On a more serious note, TPM's Bellatoni makes a really smart point. Doug Wilder is someone who really enjoys being in the news--and his neutral stance in this gubernatorial race has made him more newsworthy than an early endorsement of Deeds would have. That said, the news value of Wilder's neutral stance is probably dwindling. Which means it's time for Wilder to do something else to stay in the headlines. In the past, that would have been to make an endorsement and be credited for rescuing the Democratic candidate (a la Chuck Robb in '94 and Tim Kaine in '05). But, as Bellatoni notes:

Wilder likes to back the winning horse, and I have yet to find a Democrat confident Deeds can pull it off.

In a weird way, Wilder might have outfoxed himself.