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Chris Brown's Victory Lap

I'm sorry, but there's something creepy about Chris Brown's launching a "fan appreciation tour" to thank the masses for sticking by him during the poor, poor man's ordeal of standing trial for brutally beating the shit out of his girlfriend.

Not that Brown shouldn't be boot-licking grateful he's not cooling his heels in prison, much less preparing to rake in megabucks on a nationwide tour that is, sad to say, likely to get a boost from all his recent publicity.

But from the fans' point of view, who really wants this kind of recognition? Whoo-hoo! I'm so hopelessly devoted to this shmuck that I stood by him even though he got away virtually scott free with--altogether now--brutally beating the shit out of his girlfriend.

I know. I know. Brown is sorry. He's misunderstood. He's an artistic genius.