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Vulture Watches 'Antichrist' All the Way Through So That You Don't Have To

Curious about Lars von Trier's by-some-accounts-fascinating, by-all-accounts-nauseating film Antichrist, but unsure whether you can make it through the scenes of graphic genital mutilation? New York magazine's Vulture is here to help:

The squeamish will be happy to know that Antichrist's first hour is 100 percent mutilation-free. Sit back and relax! At the 65-minute point, though, you'll see Dafoe enter a shed and start flipping through some Polaroids of his dead son. This is your cue to get up. When you see this shot …

 … you have 90 seconds to get out of the theater and into the lobby (don't look back!). Once you're there, note the time; you'll want to be sitting down again in three minutes. Use the restroom or buy some popcorn — whatever it takes to keep you from thinking about genitals being smashed by a log and groped to a climax. Listen near the door until you hear Willem Dafoe shrieking. This just means he's regained consciousness and seen the remnants of his testicles, and it's totally safe to go back in. But don't get comfortable! You'll be leaving again in 10 minutes.

Don't miss the subsequent parts you'll want to miss here.

photo courtesy of IFC