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TNR on Bernard Kerik

Bernard Kerik, former New York City Policy Commissioner, Interim Interior Minister of Iraq, and nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security, will now be serving time in a Westchester County prison.

Already facing charges of conspiracy and tax fraud, Kerik was sent upstate after the judge reviewing his case revoked his bail for leaking private information about the upcoming case to the public. In the words of the judge, "He sees the court’s rulings as an inconvenience, something to be ignored, and an obstacle to be circumvented." Good times!

As it happens, TNR has written some really interesting pieces on Kerik in the past. Give them a read, will you? 

"Character Flaw" by Jonathan Chait, May 7th, 2007. Why do Republicans reward appearances over competence?

"Bad Cop" by Ben Smith, October 23rd, 2006. Why did Giuliani befriend Kerik in spite of all the allegations about his corruption?