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Fright Night, DC Style

With just over a week until trick or treat, NY mag's "Vulture" has posted its very helpful list of 7 Halloween Costumes to Avoid (paired with savvier alternatives.)

I'm in complete agreement with all, especially the ban on dead celebs (despite my fondness for Farrah hair) and on Sarah Palin (unless you can get a hold of that va-va-voom jogging suit she's sporting on the cover of her new book). I'm also enchanted by the vision of scores of "Levi Johnston's" trooping around New York wearing only body stockings and strategically placed copies of Playgirl. (Sweet Jesus, has any teen ever been better served by knocking up his girlfriend?)

Of course, here in Washington, costumes trend in a slightly more obscure, less revealing direction, with madcap Hill staffers and policy wonks dressing up like lobbyists, campaign slogans, and legislative resolutions. (The gal who came to one of our parties dressed as No Child Left Behind still stands as my favorite costume ever--though a tnr colleagues once pulled off a mean "fuzzy math.")  

Any thoughts on what this year's top Beltway ensembles will be? "Olympia Snowe" dressed as Hamlet--or covered in waffles? "Roger Ailes" carrying around a shopping bag containing David Axelrod's scalp? "Anita Dunn" carrying a bag containing Ailes's? "Liz Cheney" as rabid werewolf? "John Boehner" with miniature Eric Cantor dolls buzzing 'round his head? I personally am voting for The Public Option. (Suggestions for execution welcome.)

I'd also like to plead for a moratorium on costumes involving Glenn Beck, Rahm Emanuel, tea bags, and death panels. And, above all, please, Lord, spare us legions of Tom Delays in cha-cha pants.