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A Freudian Slip From the Chamber of Commerce CEO?

Per today's Wall Street Journal, Chamber of Commerce CEO Ton Donohue, whose organization backs the idea that significant global warming "would, on balance, be beneficial to humans" because the number of cold-weather deaths it would eliminate is "several times larger than the increase in summertime heat stress-related [deaths]," had this to say about the group's position on the issue:

Through a spokesman, Mr. Donohue declined to be interviewed for this article. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal and other news organizations this month, the 71-year-old said "the great preponderance of our members believe in our position [on climate change] and support it."

Is it just me, or is "believe in" a strange choice of words? Why not just "support" our position? "Believe in" implies something counterfactual--the embrace of which requires a level of blind faith--like fairies or abominable snowmen (who clearly wouldn't see eye to eye with Donohue on this). It's as though he's implicitly conceding that the Chamber's position falls into this category.