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The Amazing Race for the Most Extreme Cabinet Meeting

Last month, the Maldives held its cabinet meeting underwater to highlight the fact that the island nation is at risk of vanishing as global warming causes sea levels to rise. The cabinet members all put on scuba gear, got paired with a diving expert, and had to communicate by writing on whiteboards with nifty waterproof pens.

Now the Nepalese government is trying to do one better, announcing its own cabinet meeting on... Mount Everest, in order to draw attention to melting glaciers. "Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and other Cabinet members will fly by plane to the 17,400-foot (5,300-meter) camp, the starting point for mountaineers attempting to climb the world's highest mountain," the AP reports.

What's next? Maybe some African country can drop its cabinet via helicopter into the middle of the Sahara, leaving them with nothing but sand dunes and camels—and, of course, news crews for the photo op.

(Flickr photo credit: amd300466)