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Conservative Euphoria Watch

As excitement builds in the right-wing blogosphere for what promises to be a good night for conservatives, sites like The Corner are excitedly posting emails from their readers. Alas, amidst all the celebrating, standards seemed to have declined--apparently anyone can have his or her email posted. Here is one New Jersey reader's report:

I live in Randolph, Morris County. Always get to my polling place right at 6:00. Always the only one there. There were 15 cars in the lot when I got there. When I got to my parking lot to get to NYC for work, the lot had 50% more cars than normal. My gut is that folks getting in early to get home in time to vote this evening.

Truly fascinating stuff. Tell us more. Another reader writes:

As I was leaving a handful of people were walking in. Lots of GOP signs/literature and to be honest I think I only saw 3 campaign signs for the other side and they were all for the same candidate, Jody Wagner. I suspect the only people motivated to vote today are voting for McDonnell. Of course, this area is extremely conservative, so my assumptions could be skewed.

Yes, they could be.