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The Republicans Are Delirious... Too Delirious, I Think, Far Too Delirious

Watching the tube last night, I was astounded by how the Republicans behaved. It was as if they had won two U.S. Senate seats, not two State Houses where the Democrats had particularly unattractive candidates and where there were distinctive statewide issues. 

A real index to the future was in New York's 23rd Congressional district where the Republicans and the oh, so patriotic and reactionary right teamed up to run an ultra against a perfectly moderate Democrat. The Democrat won, the right lost in a race that daffy Wolf Blitzer called "too tight to call." 

This is an augury. The Republicans are now so isolated that they can't see what, in fact, isolated them in 2008. A clue: Only the nut-cases cottoned to Sarah Palin.