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Lowering the Bar

Sarah Palin Toady-in-Chief Matthew Continetti continues his (tragically unrequited) romance with the ex-governor in the Wall Street Journal, asking "Can Sarah Palin Make a Comeback?" and responding, shockingly, in the affirmative. He does allow, however, that her favorability ratings could pose a bit of a hurdle:

An October Gallup poll put Ms. Palin's favorable number at 40%, her lowest rating to date. In a November Gallup survey, 63% of all voters said they wouldn't seriously consider supporting her for the presidency.

Hmm. That does seem a problem. But wait, as Continetti notes in the very next sentence:

Yet Ms. Palin isn't as unpopular as John Edwards.

No way! She's more popular than a failed presidential candidate who admitted to cheating on his much-admired, cancer-suffering wife, and is widely believed to have fathered a child with his mistress and covered it up with help from campaign donors? More popular than a man who was always disliked by Republicans and is now, if anything, even more deeply reviled among Democrats?

The presidency is clearly hers to lose.