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My Dinner With Sotomayor

Well, not exactly. Ben Smith blogs my tweet about dining two tables away from the newest Justice at the modest but nice ($20 entrees), Brooklyn restaurant Po last night. Which is not a shocker, as Sotomayor once lived in the surrounding Carroll Gardens neighborhood. She was eating with two dignified-looking women perhaps in their mid-to-late fifties--and forgot her purse, which her security detail returned for about half an hour later.

For what it's worth, after nearly eighteen months in New York I've had disappointingly few celebrity sightings. There was an incognito Leo DiCaprio across the aisle at the theater; a hulking, glaring Alec Baldwin at a cozy Italian restaurant; Gabriel Byrne watching soccer, alone, in a Brooklyn restaurant-bar; and Victoria Beckham at some fashion thing I was dragged to. (Norah Jones lives about four blocks away from me but thus far she's been elusive, sadly.)

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Update: The comments under Ben's item include this trenchant Brooklyn-related observation:

Biggie biggie smalls is the GREATEST