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Why Charlie Baker Is No Mitt Romney

Charlie Baker is a moderate Republican businessman who's running for Massachusetts Governor. In other words, he's got a lot in common with Mitt Romney--or at least the version of Mitt Romney who existed before he thought he needed to be a lot more conservative in order to win the GOP's presidential nomination. But today, Baker struck the sort of bold stance that not even a chameleon like Romney could distance himself from: He picked as his running mate Richard Tisei, a State Senator who last week announced that he's gay. Baker's got a long way to go before he gets the top job on Beacon Hill: he not only has to beat a millionaire gadfly in the GOP primary, but he'll have to defeat Deval Patrick, who, despite his poor poll numbers, is still the incumbent. Still, when you consider all the talk about how the GOP is now looking to its governors as the model for future national candidates, it's nice to think that Baker could set an example the rest of the party might one day follow.