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Palin Meets with the Grahams!

In news that is sure to warm the hearts of every American, the Charlotte Observer has a report today about Sarah Palin's meeting with Billy Graham and his son, Franklin.

"He's followed her career and likes her strong stand on faith," said son Franklin Graham, who was present for the 2 1/2-hour get-together. "Daddy feels God was using her to wake America up."

As if that were not dreary enough:

She quizzed him on the presidents he's known and wanted his take on what the Bible says about Israel, Iran and Iraq, Franklin Graham reported.

None of this is the least bit surprising, but it was depressing to read the following:

Graham's son also confirmed his father got a call Nov. 12 from President Obama, a Democrat, who was phoning from Air Force One as he jetted to Asia. "He said he wanted to come by and meet my father sometime," Franklin Graham said. Obama also wished the evangelist belated birthday wishes - he turned 91 on Nov. 7. Graham told the president he'd be happy to meet with him and then shared a verse from Proverbs, his son said.

In this charming spirit of bipartisanship, let us not forget another conversation Graham once had with an American president:

Nixon: No... Well, the thing that you've really got to emphasize to him though, Billy, is that this anti-Semitism is stronger than we think, you know - they just... it's unfortunate, but this has happened to the Jews, it happened in Spain, it's happened in Germany, it's happening... and now it's going to happen in America if these people don't start behaving.

Graham: Well, you know, I told you one time that the Bible talks about two kinds of Jews. One is called "the synagogue of Satan." They're the ones putting out the pornographic literature, they're the ones putting out these obscene films.