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Don't Kill Dick! makes mention of a new effort--complete with freshly launched web site--to draft Dick Cheney for a 2012 White House run.

This is just plain daft. Love him or hate him, I think we can all acknowledge that a presidential campaign, much less a term in the hot seat, would almost certainly put Dick in the ground. Parts of him may be only 68, but he has cardiovascular system of a 130 year old. The man's ticker barely made it through his VP years.

Liz Cheney's recent joking on Fox News about her dad's running again was enough to make me cringe. I cannot imagine any sane person making the suggestion in earnest.

I thought Dick was terrible for the nation (and is still a royal pain in the ass), but I don't want to see him dead. Here's hoping this particular conservative nuttiness is short lived.