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Score One for Lady Ashton

She is newly elected foreign minister of the European Union, made up of 27 sovereign states with half a billion people. OK, she has no substantial foreign policy experience. Except that she was a young militant in Bertrand Russell's not very sane Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, what was called CND, the symbol of which looked a bit like the Mercedes Benz logo. Yes, CND probably received some of its cash from the Russians. But which “peace movement” did not? In any case, she said that, in her role as CND’s treasurer, she “did not take any direct money from any Communist country...” And, even if she did, I forgive her. My God, that was nearly 30 years ago. 

What about her credentials? Who knows?

But there is certainly one plus. She is not Javier Solana, who for ten years ran Europe's foreign policy, such as it is. He did not much like the United States and positively hated Israel.