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Americans Express Support For Torture

From Pew:

Most notably, 19% of the public says the use of torture is often justified to gain important information from terrorist suspects, while 35% say the use of torture in these circumstances is at least sometimes justified.

Allahpundit responds, sarcastically:

Often/sometimes is up 10 points since Obama became president and five points since he and Cheney started tangling over this, with support at a clear majority for the first time since Pew began polling it. Surely this must reflect a sharp Cheney-provoked surge in angry wingnuttery among the angry wingnut base, no?

Michael Goldfarb, too, is pleased. But I remain confused. Cheney and Obama "tangled" over "enhanced interrogation techniques," not torture. There was no torture to argue about because America does not torture. And why is Goldfarb happy? He supports enhanced interrogation techniques, but surely not actual torture. One suspects that large segments of the right know that waterboarding etc. is torture and simply don't care.