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Then I spoke into the whorl of your ear

isn’t this love oh my warlock my lord

would you call this a war or a quarrel

all those hard words heard in my ears

our word hoard is harder than a hatchet

heavier than a heart on the warpath

I didn’t say you whored me no not that

I can hear you whooping in the love war

the warping of our words on the field of war

how will you have me if I will have you

how will you let me if I will let you

touching my forehead and my temple

fingering my forelock as you touch my skin

I wonder if a whisper is warranted

Will you hear me if I speak in low tones

a hue and cry will you hear me if I cry

here here I mean will you have me here

linking the place with the sound of the word

with the love hoard heard in your ear

this is love isn’t it a war in your ear

love love a word in the whorl of your ear