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Ominous Arrests in Pakistan

The latest installment in a disturbing trend of U.S. citizens found to have connections to radicals in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Five young men who vanished from the Washington area last month are believed to be held in Pakistan while authorities investigate possible links to extremists there.

The Pakistani Embassy in Washington says the investigation focuses on whether the U.S. citizens have links to extremist groups in Pakistan. The five men have been arrested but no formal charges have been filed....

U.S. officials said Wednesday that five Americans detained in Pakistan are believed to be the same five young men who vanished from the Washington area last month. One of the missing young men, officials said, left a farewell video saying Muslims must be defended and featuring images of American casualties.

I'm convinced that this kind of thing--especially the Zazi case--weighed heavily on Barack Obama's mind when he decided to recommit the U.S. to Afghanistan.