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Joe Lieberman Is Not What His Enemies Say He Is, Not By A Long Shot

I've known him for years and he is a conscientious man and a man of conscience, besides. They are different, and he scores high on both counts.

I do not know Ezra Klein, and I do not recall reading any of his writing, except the one today in the Washington Post online. It is his screed against Senator Lieberman to which my attention was called by the former editor of TNR, Chuck Lane, also in the Post. What is it all about? Lieberman's opposition to some of the present shaky provisions scripted by Harry Reid?

As you see, Klein accuses Lieberman of murder. And Lane accuses Klein of being an idiot. On the evidence of just one piece of writing by Klein, he is callow at best. Lane is right. Liberal moral indignation is very high dudgeon. But the fact is that the differences between Lieberman and most of the other Democrats are only political. That is not nothing. But it's not everything either.