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This Morning's Lieber Sturm and Drang

Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz defends Joe Lieberman against the crazed liberal hord:

In leveraging his position as the Dems' potential 60th vote on health care, Lieberman is doing nothing different than Ben Nelson or Olympia Snowe -- the Senate's perpetually gridlocked system gives any member the power to blow up any contested measure. But the anger surrounding the independent iconoclast is truly stunning.

Well, no. That's the problem: Lieberman is doing something very different than other Senators. He's signaling his interest in a legislative compromise pending a CBO analysis, then denouncing it as too costly before the analysis can come out. He citing  a measure he recently championed as now so intolerable that he'd blow up the whole bill rather than let it proceed, and then using a laughable rationale to explain his flip-flop. That's the whole problem: he's not acting like other moderate Senators at all.