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Lou Dobbs Has A Very Short Attention Span

... even when it comes to listening to himself talk. Here's part of Dobbs' entertaining rant against the Washington Post's Ezra Klein:

These people are outdoing themselves in their hyperbolic exhaltation of their left wing primacy in our body politic. It's gonna be fun. By the way, Ezra Klein is the fella that put together Journolist, that little group that is really turned into sort of the, I guess you could call them the Brownshirts of the left, or can we say that. Or could we call them the KGB.

I love the fact that in one sentence, Dobbs denounces hyperbole, and in the next he compares an email list of liberals wonks to Hitler and Stalin's murderers. For the record, I'm on Journolist, and it consists largely of source requests ("Anybody know a good expert on the SALT II treaty"?), fine-grained policy disputes among academics and think-tankers who don't have blogs, and periodic, decreasingly successful attempts by left-wing magazine writers to whip up resentment against TNR.

In Dobbs' defense, I understand that the Brownshirts started off more or less the same before branching out into violence and genocide.