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Wanted: Sex Ed For Dummies

As someone who believes that preventing teens, drug addicts, reality-TV wannabes, and other unfit idiots from having babies is the key to civilization, this may be the most depressing and horrifying thing I've ever read (and that includes the Starr Report):

Gaps found in young people's sex knowledge

When 18 percent of young adult men (ages 18-29) believe that having sex standing up is a good form of birth control, it is time for massive, mandatory, honest, comprehensive sex education. Parents and preachers can threaten young people with hell for fornicating all day long if that makes 'em happy. Heck, I'm for damn near anything that reduces the number of clueless, poorly prepared folks becoming parents. But we're clearly sending far too many young people out there with the biological equivalent of a loaded gun and no target practice.  

For anyone in need of a good cry, see the full report here, at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.