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Drudge Watch: Strange Bedfellows Edition

Oh hey look, the Drudge Report’s front page is trumpeting the news that Cuba’s foreign minister had some harsh words for President Obama over the Copenhagen climate conference. “Cuban official says Obama lied in Copenhagen... 'Imperial, arrogant'...This is weird on a couple of levels. First, Drudge appears to be bandwagoning on the Castro administration’s condemnation of Obama—anyone’s criticism will do, I suppose, even though Drudge would seem diametrically opposed to Cuba’s belief that global warming is a problem and Obama isn’t doing enough to help poor countries adapt. Second, this is a total about-face for Castro himself, who in September praised Obama’s speech at the United Nations on climate change to high heaven. So, Fidel goes sour on Obama, and Drudge broadcasts the message…talk about the enemy of my enemy.