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Have a Good Cry ... And Then Ponder

Three years ago, an Israeli jet fighter prowling for one particular Palestinian terrorist just missed Ahmad Dahduh's car. Alongside it was Hamdi Aman's car, which the jet hit. Aman's oldest son, wife, and mother were killed. His daughter Marya was thrown from the car. Marya's spinal cord was broken at the neck.

During the Gaza war, Hamas dispatched a rocket into Beersheva. Actually, two rockets. The first one missed. The second one hit Orel, who quite literally lost half his brain. His mother, a surgical nurse, said "I saw his brain coming out ... I was not even scratched."

The two children (with their families) are now neighbors at Jerusalem’s Alyn Hospital. Its specialty is children with serious physical disabilities. Marya and Orel, both eight years old, are friends, very close friends. And so are their families.

This affecting story was written by Ethan Bronner for the New York Times. It is more than an affecting narrative. It assaults the mind. Yes, in a very good and humane way.