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TNR on Yemen

What do you need to know about Yemen? The New Republic has been covering the country for years—from the civil war that made it what it is today to its current incarnation as a hotbed for Al Qaeda. Read below for some of our best pieces:

"Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: A Primer," by Michelle Shephard (1/1/2010) What you need to know about the organization that gave us the Christmas bomber.  

"The Next Afghanistan?" by Bay Fang (5/6/2009) Pirates, Al Qaeda, unruly sheikhs. … Yemen has it all.

"Bad Fences," by John R. Bradley (3/1/2004) How Saudi Arabia and Yemen's fraught relationship threatens us all.

"Basket Catch," by Jonathan Schanzer (9/1/2003) How good an ally is Yemen's government?

"Aden and Abet," by the Editors (6/27/1994) Why we shouldn’t back Salih in Yemen's civil war—and why we should support South Yemen's independence.

"The Yemen Strategy," by Amos Perlmutter (7/5/1980) Why Saudi Arabia needs to get over its fear of a strong North Yemen.

"The War in Yemen," by Patrick Seale (1/1/1970) Why Nasser's armed intervention in Yemen is America's greatest diplomatic challenge since the Suez crisis.