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If Obama Can't Protect the White House, How Can He Protect America?

First it was a Palestinian-American (no, he's not a terrorist) and his desperately social-climbing wife, Tareq and and Michaele Salahi. And now it turns out that another upstart status seeker, Carlos Allen, also crashed the state dinner the Obamas threw for the Indian prime minister, Manmohan Singh, and his wife. Allen's profession is to arrange parties into which certain Washington types eagerly (no, overeagerly) want to intrude. The White House must be the most precarious of venues for such aspirants. But it certainly is not the only desirable one.

Please write in to whose parties you'd like to be invited. Or would think of crashing.

In any case, Sally Quinn, the guardian of D.C. propriety, wants some sacrifice from the president's staff. That is, a firing or two. This is supposed to appease the gods, among which she has counted herself—in Washington, at least—for three decades.

Obama has other gods he is trying to appease, and I'd actually prefer he not do that either. That is, that he not appease them at all.