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Invest in Tuna

Investors are looking for vehicles to put their money.

OK, I've got at least one.

Yes, invest in tuna. Are there tuna futures like there are pork belly futures? I don't know.

Here's the New York Times headline over an Associated Press story: "Giant Tuna Fetches $177,000 at Japanese Auction." This means that the price of sushi is going up, up, up.

The fish weighed 513 pounds (233 kilograms). $177,000 translates into 16.3 million yen.

In 2001, a tuna weighing 440 pounds (200 kilograms) sold at an auction for a record 20.2 million yen, which was $220,000 in Uncle Sam currency.

The environmentalists say that tuna is getting scarcer and scarcer. So there are now restrictions on tuna fishing. But people who know say that the quotas are not draconian enough.

And, about the scarcity of fish, read the frighteningly grim article, “Aquacalypse Now: The End of Fish,” by Daniel Pauly. It was the cover story of the October 7, 2009 issue of TNR.