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Noemie Emery Nails It

I can't dispute this:

People in newsrooms all over the country decided that someone who talked the way they did was the cure for what ailed the country, and are stunned to find out it is not.

[Obama's] cosmopolitan cool hasn't defanged the terrorists, who still want to kill us, disarmed North Korea or derailed Iran's bomb.

I had numerous conversations in 2008 with Obama supporters who thought that Obama's cosmopolitanism would, within the first year of his presidency, end terrorism and cause the unilateral disarmament of North Korea and Iran. Everybody thought this -- at least at the Ivy League cocktail parties where I hang out. And I want to be clear: it wasn't even that we thought Obama's foreign policy agenda would lead to these outcomes. We were certain that his cosmopolitan style alone would do the trick.

We should all apologize to Noemie Emery.