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Coakley Inadvertently Summons Giuliani

Martha Coakley ran an ad attacking Scott Brown for Wall Street ties. The ad used an old video that included an image of the World Trade Center. Naturally, this called for a rapid response from the President of 9/11:

Martha Coakley must immediately denounce the partisan political television advertisement sponsored by her Democrat allies that inexplicably uses images of the World Trade Center to unfairly attack Scott Brown. This is among the most desperate campaign tactics I have ever seen. Martha Coakley and her Democrat allies owe an apology to the families of the nearly three thousand Americans killed on September 11th.

How insensitive! We must never see an image of the World Trade Center -- except, of course, in the context of glorifying Rudy Giuliani or people who agree with him -- lest we terrorize the victims of 9/11 all over again. I'm surprised Giuliani didn't faint dead on the spot.