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Scott Brown: Obama Is A Bastard

Martha Coakley's campaign has decided its message of the day is that Scott Brown doesn't provide health insurance for his campaign staff. This strikes me as an incredibly lame gambit. Try to imagine a voter who would pull the lever for Brown if he did provide health insurance for his campaign staff, but won't knowing that he doesn't. Pretty hard to imagine, huh?

Meanwhile, this newly-surfaced video strikes me as about a million times more powerful. It's a news show in which Brown expresses his doubt that President Obama's mother was married to his father:

To me, this works on a couple levels. By showing Brown endorsing a fringe right-wing pet theory (explanation here), it's more evidence of the fact that Brown is anything but the good government, uniter-not-a-divider moderate he pretends to be. That's the fundamental lie of his campaign that Coakley has been seeking (unsuccessfully, thus far) to expose. And on a visceral level, to watch him chortling as he calls Obama illegitimate is just gross and offensive. To me it exposes the man far more deeply than Coakley not knowing who Curt Schilling is.