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On the Ground in Massachusetts

From a Democratic operative in the state, via e-mail:

Yesterday may have helped. She needs huge voter turnout in Boston but didn't ask the mayor for help until very late. His wife, the very popular-Angela Menino, did a robocall for Coakley this weekend.

She got Jim McGovern, who's got a very strong Worcester organization, involved very late as well. He turned out thousands of votes for Hillary in 2008 primary.

Coakley's advocates keep pushing the Bush-Cheney message. (Scott Brown = Dick Cheney.)

I worry about this. In political terms, Bush feels like ancient history. He's off the stage. People are focused on other things. It's not that Bush wasn't awful. It's that this is far enough away from the Bush era that this doesn't resonate with the issues of now.

I drove down to my mother's on Saturday and saw all kinds of Brown signs on the way--and even an unprecedented Republican standout--but only 1 Coakley sign.

The Coakley people are saying that internals say "dead heat" but I'm taking that to mean a statistical dead heat.

I say she wins close. It may be wishful thinking.