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... And Now It’s Vicki Kennedy on the Phone

I’ve written about the president’s call. And then Bill Clinton’s call. And, just now, when it’s really five minutes before midnight for Martha Coakley, there’s the anxious phone call from Victoria Reggie Kennedy. She has a strong voice, but not a haughty voice. She is even personal, at least for a recorded call. And Vicki tells me that Martha is “one of us.” What, kemo sabe, do you mean by “one of us”?

Vicki also worries about whether I can get to the polls. I usually walk to the polls, about ten blocks away. And that’s what I plan to do tomorrow. But Vicki gives me an 800 number to call and arrange a pick up if I need one. You see, there’s been a bit of snow and more than a bit of ice in eastern Massachusetts today. And, whatever the weather forecast says, you can never be sure about tomorrow. Of course, I can always dig myself out.