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The Erich Segal Archive

His pieces for The New Republic.

Erich Segal, the classics professor and author of works such as Love Story, passed away on Saturday. He was also a contributor to The New Republic. Here are his wonderful pieces for the magazine.

"The Olympic Games: The First Thousand Years" (07/03/76)

"White, Black and Very Blue" (07/31/76)

"Slouching Towards America" (10/02/76)

"The Loveliness of the Long Distance Runner" (07/23/77)

"The Oresteia of Aeschylus" (06/30/79)

"The Wrath of Man" (05/14/81)

"The Limits of Sport" (09/16/81)

"The Athletic Hero" (09/19/83)

"Heroes and Echoes" (07/04/88)

Here is a tribute to Segal by Martin Peretz:

“Erich Segal Z”L” (1/21/10)