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Boehner--Always Looking Out for Democrats' Interests

Does this look like a guy you'd trust? 

Then why on earth are Democrats heeding his advice? 

Here's Boehner in today's New York Times piece about the legislative fate of health care reform:

“They are still scheming and scrambling to find a way to pass their government takeover of health care,” Mr. Boehner said. And he warned, “If they jam it through, I think they are going to face a firestorm from the American public.”

Amazingly, if you read the rest of the piece, along with pieces like this one in Politico, you find that a lot of Democrats are accepting his analysis at face value. To wit:

At a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus on Thursday, some lawmakers, like Representative Gene Taylor of Mississippi, compared the Republican victory in Massachusetts to Hurricane Katrina. They said the election results had blown away any chance of passing a huge bill, just as the hurricane had swept away houses.

But if Boehner really thought health care would be a political disaster for Democrats, why on earth would he discourage them from passing it? Wouldn't he want Democrats to pass a bill, then get swept away by those hurricane-force winds? Are congressional Dems familiar with the phrase "talking your own book"?