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Paul Krugman Vs. Roger Ailes

It's not often you see the Fox News chairman called out for his network's dishonesty, to his face. Ailes has no germane response:

Meanwhile, I can't understand why Ailes would even go on this program. First, he works for a rival network. Why should he be helping the competition? Second, doesn't having the Fox News chairman on television, pushing the right-wing line, undercut his claim to political neutrality? And third, I realize that I'm not exactly a GQ model myself, but isn't Ailes about the least attractive face you could possibly find for conservatism? He's like a less-cuddly version of Henry Potter.

And it's not as if Ailes is some brilliant substantive debater. Check out this exchange:

AILES: But there are 300 million people who have a health care plan that they are happy with. There are about 30 million people who don't have a health care plan. So as an executive, what do you do? You go fix the 30 million. You don't go over here and upset the apple cart for 300 million...

KRUGMAN: Which is exactly what the plan was.

First, Ailes says something that's fairly repugnant. Then Krugman points out, correctly, that Ailes is totally wrong.