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My Morning WSJ Headlines

A couple months ago, the New York Times reported on changes at the Wall Street Journal:

A little over a year ago, Robert Thomson, The Journal’s top editor, picked Gerard Baker, a columnist for The Times of London, as his deputy managing editor. Mr. Baker is a former Washington bureau chief of The Financial Times with a great deal of expertise in the Beltway. The two men came of age in the more partisan milieu of British journalism. 

According to several former members of the Washington bureau and two current ones, the two men have had a big impact on the paper’s Washington coverage, adopting a more conservative tone, and editing and headlining articles to reflect a chronic skepticism of the current administration.

I thought about that when I read two headlines today: "EPA, OPM Complain About Their Budgets" and "Wealthy Face Tax Increase." You could just as easily have headlined the stories "EPA, OPM Face Budget Cuts" and "Wealthy Complain About Their Tax Burden." Somehow, I don't see that happening.