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What Is ‘The Famous Door’?

I know I'm not the only music listener to find himself doing an awful lot of listening electronically. I scout for new artists to hear online and download a great deal of music to play at my leisure, and I spend more time on YouTube than I will ever admit. I'm still going out--most nights, in fact, to hear concerts, nightclub acts, and other shows of all sorts--and I'll continue to write about what I encounter in live performances in the pages of TNR. But I'm going to do something different in this new column for (which will appear each Friday): I'm going to curate an ongoing tour of the musical world of the web, particularly--but not solely--videos on YouTube. I've taken as the title for this feature the name of a hotspot from the glory days of New York's 52nd Street, before my own time, when nightclubs such as the Famous Door, the Onyx, and the Three Deuces were portals to realms of enlightenment, surprise, cultural news, and high times. What is the web if not the Famous Door of our time?