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Cohen Shouldn't Measure the Drapes Just Yet

Illinois lieutenant governor candidate Scott Lee Cohen:

He said he had never been violent toward his ex-girlfriend, but he also admitted having behaved erratically while on steroids toward his ex-wife, who filed an order of protection against him in June 2005. Mr. Cohen admitted having had his ex-girlfriend “locked up” for damaging his apartment, and said her report to the police was in retaliation.

Mr. Cohen also admitted having had federal tax troubles.

When asked if his ex-girlfriend might have been a prostitute, as the local papers suggested, he said: “I never knew her as a prostitute. She was a massage therapist.”

Asked if he might be a liability for the Democrats, Mr. Cohen said, “I don’t believe I’m an embarrassment to the ticket.”

So, let's see. He's admitting to steroid use, federal tax troubles, having dated a prostitute in a non-prostitute context, and being a liability to the ticket. He's denying having beaten his girlfriend, dating his girlfriend in her capacity as a prostitute, and being an embarrassment.