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Jamie Gorelick Better Hope There's No Afterlife

Federal student loans are one of the most clear-cut good versus evil issues you can find. Basically, the program has two ways of handling loans. One is for the government to make loans to college students. The other is for the government to pay private lenders to lend to students. The second method is more expensive and highly prone to corruption.

The Obama administration proposes to cut out the private loans and save over $80 billion over the next decade. Naturally, the lenders have mounted a huge counterassault on Capitol Hill. One of their tools is buying up Democrats to advocate their indefensible subsidy. Here's Jamie Gorelick, who was almost Attorney General:

“I would think that the White House would prefer not to make senators vote for something that is going to be very unpopular in their states — and for good reason,” said Jamie Gorelick, a former Clinton administration official who is now lobbying for the lending industry.

Cross Gorelick off the list of Democrats suitable to hold office. What a corrupt hack.