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Scott Brown Is Writing A Book. What, In Heaven’s Name, Can It Possibly Be About?

I suppose it's local news. So the report is in the Boston Globe.

His literary agent is hot-shot Washington attorney Robert Barnett, among whose clients are President Obama and ex-president Bill Clinton.

Brown will have a ghost-writer. But his office calls that a ‘collaborator.’ And there are juicy tidbits, which are, of course, already public: Both parents were married three times, so his was not exactly a stable childhood; at age 12, he was arrested for shoplifting LPs including a Black Sabbath recording; and, of course, his small career as a nude model for Cosmopolitan.

Given the state of the book business, Globe reporter Matt Viser writes, nobody expects Brown's advance to be anywhere near, let's say, Bay State governor Deval Patrick's, which was $1.3 million for a book as yet unfinished.

It will "certainly not [be] the kind of money Sarah Palin ... brought home."

But, then, they might be running against each other for the Republican nomination. And, so, what happens after that?

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